Get Tools Worth $592/mnth. Pay only $37/mnth

Your invitation to a goldmine of Digital Marketing Tools!

This is not an ordinary sales page because this is not an ordinary membership and I do not want to insult your intelligence with hype. As an Online Marketer, you will anyhow understand and appreciate the value of this invitation when you see below what’s waiting for you inside the club.

I promise that you will SAVE MONEY as a member. If the tools will help you MAKE MONEY is up to how you use them.

Get to know me better, see the ABOUT PAGE

If you have any questions, go to SUPPORT DESK


Already a member: LOGIN HERE

This is how the tool-distribution in the club works …

I buy the tools during launches or promotions and distribute them to you as a member of IM Buyers Club. The rights and licenses bought for distribution can be any of White Label; Reseller; Agency; Developer; or Affiliate purchase with bonus.

Most Important - everything is fully legal and approved by the original product creators/vendors.

Depending on the type of tool and the kind of rights, your access and usage as a member in IM Buyers Club will differ.

Below you can see some of the assets available in the Club. Clicking the “View” buttons brings you to the original sales-pages where you will get the vendors presentations of the products and their values. The links might be affiliate links.

The sales-pages present only the front-end versions, while you, for many products, also will get access to the more feature-rich, "one-time-offers."

Due to the manual procedures for creating your accounts and distributing the access, IM Buyers Club will initially be open only for 25 50 Founding Members.

The 11.30 membership is open for an unlimited number of members.

What Do Members Think About IM Buyers Club?

Rashada Allen

Rashada Says

I’d say that in the short term, of having this service. I am so pleased with the software and the support Karl is very attentive , has great communication and you receive a fast delivery of the software! I am so grateful to be a founding member and have tools that help grow my business!!!

Sam Clark

Sam Says

The IM Buyers Club has cured me of the shiny object syndrome because now I can focus on my business and never worry about what product launches air coming out. I don't have to worry about this. Karl is going to go out and find these software, make sure they have the rights to them, purchase them for us and I get the upgrades and the OTOs, usually the commercial licenses, as well. It's just awesome - truly amazing what's going on in this club has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the short time that I've been here and this is by far the best membership I have ever been involved with and I'm never leaving. (Watch my video HERE)

Nat Lafleur

Nat says

Joining the IM Buyers Club is the best investment I made in my online marketing business. It allows me to test lots of different tools and see which ones have a positive impact on my business and all for a low monthly fee. The Club not only saved me hundreds of dollars, but made me way more efficient in my daily marketing tasks. Thanks Karl for putting together this time and money saving Club!

George Compton Jr.

George Says

No hype or B.S here this is the best investment I made for my company. Almost every time I thinking about buying something, I go check in the club its added or coming soon. No mater what your business is if your online doing business then you will benefit from IM Buyers club. I saved few hundred so far and only been in few months. The video I did while back is here

Marty Bostick

Marty Says

What can I say? Karl's IM Buyers Club is hands-down, one of the best investments that I have made over the years. He has allowed me to save literally thousands on software that I would have otherwise paid for directly. If you aren't a founders club member yet, then jump on it now while it's still open. The best money I've spent in a long time. I plan on remaining a club member for as long as he keeps the doors open. Thanks again Karl (watch Marty's video testimonial HERE)

Gary Pettit

Gary says

IM Buyers Club is a gem of a membership you'll be glad your a part of. Honestly, I've been an IM and social media marketer for over 12 years now and I've never come across anything that delivers so much value. Not only does it help your business with all the latest tools, it also saves you a lot of money and the overwhelm of trying to stay on top of all the new releases. Karl, the owner, is absolutely the best to work with as well. He stays on top of all product requests and is very responsive and quick to respond. He is extremely friendly and takes suggestions and requests as well for membership products. I don't write a lot of testimonials but with the value and products this membership provides, it was a must. Thank you Karl for creating this membership, I've never seen anything quite like it before. You have a lifetime member with me. To Everyone's Success, Gary Pettit


ContentBurger logo

ContentBurger  - Discover content from all over the Internet, curate and post to your blog and to social networks.

Update from the vendor: Reseller Available after 27 APRIL

Until then, you can get admin-rights to a Workspace on our main account. (Like for ContentStudio)

Access: FE- accounts under Reseller license
MSGLock logo

MSGLock - Messenger AND Email lead generation content locking platform - generate both email AND Messenger leads for the delivery power of Messenger and the conversion potential of email..


OTO4 to ClickAgency = value: 19$

MSGLock thumb
Access: Agency accounts under White-label  license

ClickAgency - auto-creates high-converting lead generation campaigns for you and clients that both drive and convert traffic with no experience needed. Now you can get push-button video lead pages, copy, and matching Facebook and Google ads with new A.I.-based technology in minutes.

FE ($27) + OTO1 ($69) = Total value: 96$

ClickAgency thumb
Access: Platinum accounts under White-label  license


Video Stack Pages logo

VIDEO STACK PAGES - Matthew McDonald's latest plugin creates focused pages with tab-stacked videos either added individually or fetched from playlists on YouTube (Premium version)

Video Stack Pages
Access: Premium version installed under Developer license
PlayerNeos logo

PlayerNeos - PlayerNeos by Abhi Dwivedi (VINEAXS) is an online SaaS which takes a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted on Amazon S3 and makes it into a marketing tool by adding interactive elements like CTAs and optin forms on top of it and embed everywhere.

Watch it in action HERE on Tumblr

PlayerNeos thumb
Access: Advanced accounts under Reseller license
WPContentFactory logo

WP ContentFactory - A very versatile content-fetcher and curation tool. A little bit cumbersome access setup (app APIs are needed for practically all social accounts.) Created by the same team as ContentLab (which is an upsell). Members get the Pro version installed on your WP sites (remember to leave the admin login together with the access request).

WP Content Factory thumb
Access: Pro-version  installed under Developer license
MaxFunnels 2.0 logo

ClickAgency - ClickAgency is a world-class technology that auto-creates high-converting lead generation campaigns for you and clients that both drive and convert traffic with no experience needed. Now you can get push-button video lead pages, copy, and matching Facebook and Google ads with new A.I.-based technology in minutes.

MaxFunnels 2.0 is already available  for registered business-accounts.

MaxFunnels 2.0
Access: Business accounts under Agency license
StoryMachine logo

StoryMachine - Ankur Shukla's latest WP plugin creates "story-formatted" videos from images and text in blog posts.Most suitable for "listicle" type of posts that contains a several images and short, almost caption-like, text.

FE ($27) + OTO1 PRO ($47)

WP StoryMachine thumb
Access: Pro-version  installed under Developer license
VidPopups logo

VidPopups - Vid Popups  (or "Videpop", our white-label brand)  is a Unique Cloud App that creates Dynamic Video Popups based on the Behavior of the Visitors.Can be installed on any site. Behavior-Based Video Technology Boosts Traffic to any offer, Improves Page Conversion, Improves SEO, maximizes Sales


Vid Popups thumbnail
Access: Accounts under White-label license
Ads2List logo

Ads2List  - Cyril Gupta's latest software will let you capture leads directly from Google without any website.

FE-ELITE ($27) + OTO1-Pro ($67) = $94

Ads2List thumbnail
Access: Pro accounts under Agency license
botEngage logo

botENGAGE  -oh now! Not another botware. Oh yes, botENGAGE has some specific features which you can read more about on the sales-page. by clicking on the green button below.

FE($39) + OTO1($47) + OTO2($47) = $133

botEngage _thumb
Access: Commercial accounts under Agency License
WP ProfiTent logo

WP ProfiTent - A WordPress Plugin that pulls Creative Commons videos from YouTube together with transcripts of audio (which can be translated into different languages). Spinning and auto-posting in OTO1.

Value: FE=$18  OTO1(Pro)=$47

WP ProfiTent for
Access: WP install under Developer license
SuiteOmatic logo

SuiteOmatic - (or WORKSUITE as it is called on CodeCanyon where you can get it for free up to 20 employees) is Satish Gaire's variant of Project Management System where you can add and track the interactions between your products, sales team, and customers. A somewhat less advanced SaaS than Bizggrow already available for yearly paying members.

Value: $47

Access: User accounts under reseller license
Topic Sheets logo

Topic Sheets - SEO Niche Topic Research Sheets. Others might promise you to feel the pulse of your niche market, our Topic Sheets puts you directly into its bloodstream. Now with additional questions and LSI-terms.

50% discount for members. Request coupon in Support.


Topic Sheets
Access: Purchase Topic Sheets with 50% discount
Yearly corner
UZelectVideo - Interactr Agency
Default Alt Tag for this page - the white-label Agency brand of Interactr Evolution. Create dynamic, custom viewing experiences that increase engagement, viewing time, clicks and sales … Agency user project access for yearly paying members.

Interactr Evolution
Access: Agency User

Marketpresso - A private2public Fiverr-like marketplace where members of IMBuyersClub can offer their services (created by using any of the tools in the Club or in any other way) to clients and get paid. Will be installed on a dedicated site with each member having their own seller-accounts OR set-up your completely own marketplace.

VALUE: FE ($67)+OTO1($97)=$164

MarketPresso thumb
Access: ​Pro  accounts under Agency license
WP Easy Ranker logo

WP Easy Ranker - Dan Green's latest auto-content generator plugin for WordPress.Generates "original" Clickbank product reviews in 8 of the top performing niches.



WP Easy Ranker
Access: WP install under Developer License
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Checklists for Internet Marketing. One new list every month with personal use access. Volume 27 is now available in the "Courses & Checklists" section in the Club's asset-vault on the ProductDyno platform. There is now a new flip-book section added for easier overview without need for download. (Founding Members can now also host your own pdf on the club's FlipHTML5 Enterprise account.)

Access: Personal usage rights
Kaptiwa 2 logo

Kaptiwa 2.0 - by DotcomPal is relaunched with new features an upgrades.

Club members will get a business account on our Agency platform with features as in: FEPRO($97) + ELITE($197) + Enterprise ($94.95).

(except with only 1 domain and 1 Channel)

Total value: $388.95

Kaptiwa 2.0 thumb
Access: Business account under Agency license

FXVisualClips - Helps you create social videos, ecom videos, videos ads, by providing a bunch of templates ready to edit according to your needs. Simple to use, but finding templates not easy. Output to GIF takes forever. Useful? You decide.​


Access: Accounts under White-label license

ProfitPage - WP plugin that let's you create offer pages fast and easy (but NOT 100% done for you). Many (15+) built in products allowing you to start a clone (mini-me) of IMBuyersClub :-)

Perfect for creating any kind of sales-pages.

I tried to install the plugin on a test-site but it didn't work properly. The support team is working on it and, most likely, it's a conflict with other plugins. So, it might very well work fine on your site (preferably with a new WP installation)​​​

Access: Plugin not yet fully functioning but you can have it installed if you still want to try on your WP-site.
Default Alt Tag for this page

Video Dashboard - The next step up from Paul Ponna's VideoApp Suite, and it's a BIG one! Video Dashboard research the latest trends, and then create videos on those topics for the 7 most popular social media networks (plus 4 more).

Watch this review by a video marketing authority.

Value: $47

Video Dashboard
Access: Commercial accounts under While-label license
Default Alt Tag for this page

Get a new IM Newsletter (~32 pages) in PDF format every month. Exclusive content. Share it freely. Issue 106 for February 2020 is active in the ProductDyno club-area. 

The Internet Marketing Newsletter - Issue 106
​Access: ​Personal use/share
Pageify logo

Pageify360 - An unique online SaaS that makes (editable and customizeable) web-sites from FB pages. It actually works (like all of the products by the X360 team) even if the result depends a lot on what's available on the FB page created from.

FE($27)+PRO($47/Q)+Agency($37) = $111



Pageify thumb
Access: Pro + Agency accounts under Reseller license
Default Alt Tag for this page

10xDrive - Since my experience with 10xHostings is actually quite good (after a shaky start) I do believe you can look forward also to 10xDrive as a valid alternative to other cloud storage.

Value: $97



Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: 1TB User accounts under Reseller license
Quora Marketing Logo

Quora Marketing Made Easy - A brand new and complete training on how to use Quora for your marketing is now available in the Club's training area on

91 page Guide, Cheat- and resource- sheets, free report and 20 videos with personal use for members. The sales-page for the PLR link below.

Quora Marketing Made Easy
Access: Personal usage rights
Yearly corner

Bizggro - will save you time, money and effort, by swapping the expensive tools you use to run your business and replace them with one extremely clever, high quality, reliable, unbeatable value, all-under-one-roof solution.

Value: $59/month


Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Full account under Reseller license
Yearly corner
Coldreach logo

GoJEO Discover Coldreach: The latest technology for finding and contacting leads on "complete autopilot". Walt Bayliss has developed a client-producing software unlike anything you've seen before. Because of the yearly licensing, only members paying the yearly fee will get access. (Monthly members can, of course, convert to yearly to get it). Only 20 licenses available.

Value: $297


GoJEO Discover Coldreach
Access: Yearly accounts under Reseller license
CoachZippy logo

CoachZippy - The 5th software in the Mintware Suite (the other 4 are: xFunnels; HQWebinar; MeetZippy; and EverZippy). The full suite is sold as an OTO to CoachZippy for $47/m or $495 one-time. (Founding members have access to all 5 programs + everything else in the club,for only $399/year!). CoachZippy is an all-in-one business platform that allows you to make and sell your (or others) courses online.

FE ($97) + OTO1 ($197) = $294​​​​​

CoachZippy thumbnail
Access: Premium Commercial accounts under Reseller
SmartMeeting Logo

SmartMeeting Calendar - SmartMeeting online Calendar will always provide you with a reply to the perpetual question: "What time works for you?"

Value  - $27


Access: User accounts under Reseller license
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DomainWatch - The winning solution for people who own more than one domain. Easily track and manage your domains with our automated online platform. The perfect companion to the Domain Millionaire training >>>>>>

Unlimited Domains - all tools ($97/year​​


Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Unlimited Domainsunder Reseller license
Default Alt Tag for this page

DomainMillionaire - Course: Become an expert on Domain Business: History Of Domains; Registering Domains; Auto Dealership Domains; Real Estate Agent Domains; Product Hunt Domains; BrandBucket Domains; Local Domains Bonanza; Continued Education. Based on the book: "Domain Millionaire: Full Time Income Selling Domain Names" (You get the e-book)



Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Personal Access under Reseller license
PowerAdsUp 2.0 logo

PowerAdsUp 2.0 - A script generator for creating your own native ads. We install the program on your server (or you can use our central hub) where you create the layout of your ads with image, text, and link. The generated script can be installed on any site (not only WordPress). Members can use it for your affiliate promotions of IMBuyersClub

Value = $39

PowerAdsUp 2.0 thumb
Access: Installed on server under Developer license
addresponse logo

addResponse - Cyril Gupta's latest software (this time online) is an AI based comment filtration and management SAAS for Facebook and Instagram helps you get more out of your Facebook ads and organic posts by removing trolls, comment hijackers and spam automatically.

FE-Elite ($37) + OTO1-Pro ($67) = $104

Watch the video below how I create your account under our Agency license.

Access: PRO accounts under Agency license
Default Alt Tag for this page

DealzPage - Deals page creator. 10 ready-made niche templates. Add countdown timers, quantity boxes and embed video. 100% mobile-optimized designs. Connects with any Lead form to build a buyer list. Powerful reporting and page manager backend. (A nice alternative to 34Deals already available (see further below on this page).

FE-PRO ($23.95) ​​


Access: FE (PRO) under White-label license
Default Alt Tag for this page

Instant Success Site - The latest WP plugin by  Dan Green which takes his earlier social posting plugins one step further also generating the content for your WP site. Installer for members under Developer license. (11.30 members ONE site only!)  Launching 23 January

FE ($17) + PRO ($37) = $54



Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: FE + OTO1 installed under Developer license
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1st Page Ranker - YT Live Events of steroids (safe, if done right). 1. Add & Configure your Youtube Accounts. 2. Target the Niche your want to Dominate. 3. Generate SEO Optimized Titles, Tags with 1 Click. 4. Get and Rebrand Unique Videos with 1 Click. 5. Create Events with Single Click!

FE ( $27)


Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: FE User account under reseller license
Default Alt Tag for this page

SideLeads - A super simple way to catch visitors attention to practically anything you want them to pay attention to on your site. It can be a lead-magnet offer with optin, a video, a list of blog posts, images, banners or whichever html. See it in action on the sales page.


Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Commercial accounts under reseller license
FunnelXpress logo

FunnelXpress - Do we need another funnelbuilder? Well, since my mantra is that the only good tool is the one you use and which can help you make (or save) money online., FunnelXpress makes affiliate funnel building easy.

Instead of sending you to a sales page, click below to see the result of my first funnel and get a useful plugin just for testing.


FunnelXpress Thumbnail
Client access to FE (63 templates)
AdaComply Logo

AdaComply - Make your sites compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.​


AdaComply thumb
Access: Unlimited sites user account under Reseller license
meetvio logo

Meetvio - the latest Webinar, Video-meetings and any other interaction with video there is.

Founding members who purchase through the affiliate link below get their monthly fee paused for 1 month for each FE and OTO1 (totally maximum 2 months of paused monthly fees) as bonus when buying through the link below (JVZoo aff-ID: 31642 must show at checkout). Yearly subscribers will get 1 or 2 month's extension.

Value: $37-$74​​

meetvio thumbnail

GDPRMySite - I had a request for a simple and flexible way to implement a solution to comply with the EU GDPR regulation, and here it is. Sold separately for $37. Members (also 11.30) can use it for their own sites but also to sell services commercially. (Don't be scared about my choice of colors in the screenshot below. The pop-up is totally customizable to fit any design.)


Access: Commercial license (under White-label)

YouStudio - Mari Brown's and Michael Agene's new "7-in-1" tool for video optimization. Keyword Researcher. Headline Analyser. Viral Video Finder. Video Syndication. Competitor Spy. YouTube Graphics Designer. Video Slide Creator.

FE ($47) + OTO1 ($67) = $114

Access: FE + PRO under Reseller license
WebSuite Pro logo

WebSuite Pro - As tool junkies we can never have too many web-site designs in our tool-box. Here you will get a whole bunch of ready made WP sites for a wide range of business. Note that the sales-pages are made with DotComPal, another asset available for members in IMBuyersClub.

FE ($37) + OTO1 ($64) = $101 (+ shared access to OTO2 ($97)


WebSuite Pro thumb
Access: FE + Elite under Agency license
YTEngine logo

YTEngine - One of the "Secret Tools" hidden inside Cindy Donovan's Hammock Suite as "Software #3: Brand new cutting edge secret traffic weapon (our member's fave tool!)". (One of the other "secret tools" is TrafficIvy, already available in IMBuyersClub.)

Value $49.99 (+)

Access: Basic(+) account under WL-license
SociFlux logo

SociFlux- Easy-to-use Cloud-based Social News Site builder with viral syndication. Multiple templates. 5 easy methods for monetization.

FE($37) + OTO1($47) + OTO4($47) = $131

SociFlux Thumb
Access: Commercial+Deluxe+CoEmbed under WL-license
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Videract - Create High-Value “Interactive Videos” with Amazing Interactive Elements such as CTA (Call to actions), Quiz, Video embed, Sliders, Optin form, Countdown timers, Logo & Image Overlay, Button, File download, Text overlay, Map, Custom html embed, and plenty of other elements that bring interactivity together video to Connect, engage and convert.

Access: Pro-commercial account under Reseller license
Default Alt Tag for this page

Madsense Revamped - No, Adsense is not dead, but the methods to make money with it develops constantly. This is the latest and the best if you don't have zillions to spend on traffic.

FE ($37) + OTO3 ($47) = $84 value


Madsense reborn
Access: FE + OTO3 under Agency license
1-click SEO store logo

1-Click SEO Store - Ankur Shukla's 1-Click SEO Store with 24 (yes, you'll get the Pro-upgrade too) pre-loaded digital products INSTALLED AND HOSTED for you as a member in IM Buyers Club.

Just provide a domain and payment button and everything will be done for you.

FE ($27) + PRO ($37) + DFY ($47) = $111


1-Click SEO Store Logo
Access: FE + OTO1 under developer license

EzyFunnel - Create Money Making eCom Funnels With DFY Hot Selling eCom Products In Just 60 Seconds Without Store Or Shopify!

FE ($22-27) + OTO1 ($47) = $69-$74

EzyFunnel thumb
Access: FE + OTO1 under reseller license

StoryPal - StoryPal is a visual storytelling SaaS software for the open web, that expanded the new Google AMP Stories Technology – which provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.

StoryPal thumb
Access: Commercial accounts under White-label license
PR Rage logo

PR Rage - A must-have for "domain-flippers" and for anyone who want to get a domain with existing rankings, backlinks, and traffic.

I normally use ExpiredDomains + SerpWorks when domain-hunting, but PR Rage will save a lot of time.​

PR-Rage thumc
Access: Coupon for purchase in JVZoo
PinFlux logo

Pinflux2 - Pinflux helps you reach a larger audience on Pinterest and increase your interactions. Pinflux will make it much easier to be active and share other user's content. Like most of Teknikforce's products, Pinflux is a Windows app, making it totally safe and secure.

Pro-level accounts (value: $37 + $9.95/m or $67/y)

Pinflyx thumb
Access: Pro level accounts under Agency licence
SociChatBot logo

SociChatBot - Oh yes! Another chatbot available for members. This time as a substitute for ChatRobot, by the same developer, Mark Dulisse. You get the GOLD level (worth $30/m). The features in the screenshot below is just a fraction of all the available features. Check it out on the sales-page. The best ChatBot is the one you use. In IMBuyersClub you can try many until you find the one that suits your needs.

SociChatBot thumb
Access: GOLD level accounts under Agency licence
Novelty Site Builder

Novelty Site Builder - A real novelty! Build an affiliate site full of viral click-baits which will make you money thanks the the affiliate rules by Azon. Funny! Innovative!

Novelty Site Builder thumb
Access: Installed on members'WP sites under Dev. licence
MediaCloudPRO logo

MediaCloudPRO + Elite - How many times have you heard (and believed it for yourself) that "this is the last and only media resource you'll ever need"? And still you buy more and more because media you'll never get enough of. As always in IM Buyers Club, you'll find them all, for one low monthly fee. Value: FE ($37) + ELITE ($47) = $84

11.30 Cyberweek offer 3 trial months, keep all assets even if you cancel - only until tomorrow

Media Cloud PRO thumb gif
Access: Agency accounts under Reseller licence

MaxConvert - MaxConvert is joining Kaptiwa, MaxDrive, and MaxFunnels as the fourth module in your DotComPal business platform.

If your business is already on our member DotComPal, MaxConvert is now added to your account.​​

Access: Commercial Buiness Platform under Agency lic.

Christmas Graphix 2 & 3 -All the graphics you'll need for your holiday marketing campaigns and private greetings.

Access: Inside Grapgic Vault under PLR
speaq logo

Speaq -The world's first 'self-service' model for clients and video marketing... where you can request a payment as they make their own videos! You just hand them your smart link (even works on ALL mobile devices). 

Speaq thumb
Access: FE (Commercial)+ OTO1+2 under Reseller

Click Profits A.I. - 1. Use the software to research businesses on Yelp, LinkedIn, Google My Maps, and Facebook that don’t have a website. 2.Use pre-written email templates to contact the business without any cold calling. 3 Wait for the hot leads to come in (this happens on autopilot) and then offer the service and get paid! (you could even outsource this)

FE: $32 + OTO1(PRO): $37 = $69

Click-Profits A.I. thumb
Access: Pro user accounts under Resell lic.
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X-Themed Viral Quotes & Images + Viral Success  Quotes - Added to the Graphics Vault. For Personal use.

See X-themed sales page

See Success-themed sales page

Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Personal use under PLR license
Animate360 logo

Animate 360 - As online marketers we can never get too many graphical assets. Therefore, here I added Animate360 to the club. Watch the sales-page for details.

FE(Premium Commercial): $37

Animate 360 thumb
Access: Commercial user accounts under Resell lic.

VideoSeeder -For Windows. Syndicate videos to all popular video platforms. Promote your uploaded videos to 17 different sharing sites. Scheduled automated uploading, promotion. More Exposure & Traffic Than Any Other Syndication Platform.

FE(Elite): $37 + OTO1(Pro): $67 = $104

Access: Pro accounts under Agency

VoiceBuddy -Simplifies and combines the use of Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into one software platform with many added features. Similar to Voice caster apps already in the club


VoiceBuddy thumb
Access: Sub-user accounts under Agency
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StotieBot - Instagram Stories marketing

Available NOW

FE(Deluxe): $67 + OTO1(Pro): $67 + OTO2(Engage): $47 = $181

Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Sub-user accounts under Agency
Default Alt Tag for this page

WP AutoRewriter - WP Plugin for revamping your content.

Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: WP install under Developer License
MugJam logo

MugJam - MugJam is working.

Founding Members only

MugJam thumb
Access: Sub-users under Agency
Default Alt Tag for this page

ConversioBot is a cloud-based “Artificial Intelligence” Chatbot Software designed to increase the engagement and conversions of almost any website. It’s an innovative way to build an email list and is fully integrated with Aweber, MailChimp, Sendlane, and Getresponse.


Default Alt Tag for this page
Access: Agency user accounts

Revoicely - Windows  Software for transcribing, translating, subtitling, and voice-over in all languages available in Google.

Only a few FE accounts available.


Access: 10 sub (VA) accounts under Agency Licence

AliBuilder - A drop-shipping plugin for WP. 

Thanks to one of our Founding members who suggested this. I missed it during the launch in May

FE ($67) + OTO1 ($67) + OTO3 ($47)

AliBuilder thumb
Access: WP install under Developer License

VidScratch Agency - An unique app which lets you create virtual scratch games for your clients. Start a new business or as an add on to your existing.

FE: Agency/Commercial ($29) + OTO1: Platinum ($49) = $78

VidScratch Agency
Access: Agency/Commercial/Platinum
Vidyz logo

Vidyz - Brett Rutecky's famous Video platform is now available for affiliate-sale with 100% commission. Like Brett's other apps, Vidyz can't be included in the Club's member assets, but you can have something even better. As a Club member, you will get approved for 100% affiliate commission in JVZoo. Non members can buy the same affiliate approval for only 37$ one-time.


Vidyz thumb
Access: 100% affiliate commission in JVZoo
social traffic machine

Social Traffic Machine - The latest of Dan Green's social "Machines". Yes, there are other plugins doing approximately the same social sharing of your post, but Social Traffic Machine does it also for external links.

Social Traffic Machine
Access/Right: Installed on members' WP blogs by Dev lic
Default Alt Tag for this page

The IPLV Video Courses, with PLR for full members, are now included in the Monthly Content membership, available for IM Buyers Club members from your second month. Some of the assets inside Monthly Content will be available to 11.30 members for Personal Use inside the ProductDyno member-area.

Access/Right: PLR 4 Founders. Personal Use for others
Find-a-business -logo

Find a Business - WP Plugin which allows members to create a search-page on their WP-sites. For own use or for offering to clients or visitors. Finds and presents business data from YELP with the help of API. Watch the demo-video and sales-page by clicking on the button below.

Find a Business thumb
Access: Commercial rights, installed under Developer lic.
LogoMart logo

LogoMart - the most fully loaded collection of ready logotypes available in the club so far. The logos are editable for an infinitive number of variations. Make logos for yourself or sell to others (you can't sell the collection as it is). Available in the graphic assets vault.


LogoMart thumb
Access: Commercial use under PLR license
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Reputation Power Ranker - ​​Manage your clients online reputation and send the right ranking signals to Google. You will be able to use your own domain to serve your customers (mainly local businesses).

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Access:Commercial Accounts under Reseller license
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AppsKitPRO - Mobile App builder. Reseller (Agency) accounts, with initially 10 mobile app licenses each, can now be created for members.

Click this link to watch the tutorials

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Access:Commercial Accounts under Reseller license
Kontent Kaboom logo

Kontent Kaboom - Siphons content from high authority Social Media sources and from over 70 new sources . Drag & Drop Content Building. Visual Curation Editor. PDF Generator. Built In Image Editor. Keyword Suggestion. Easily Add content with single click - no need to select, copy & paste.

FE + OTO1 + 2 + 3. Total value = $134

Kontent Kaboom thumb
Access: Installed on WP-sites under Developer license

Influencers Hub - Find Influencers On YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter based on Keywords, Niche, Country and using minimum, and number of followers criteria. Find Influencers having High Traffic Blogs based on Alexa Rank, Country Rank, and Load Time when you search for it via keyword, niche or country.

The Upsell OTO2, Octane, is already available in the Club.

Iinfluencers Hub thumb
Access: FE + PRO under Reseller license
NewsMaker PRO logo

NewsMaker PRO - NewsMaker PRO is a WordPress plugin and a theme that allows Club members to create money-making News sites with viral news stories automatically published on their site every day.

Newsmaker pro
Access: Installed under Developers license
DocStudioFX logo

DocStudioFX - New AI Powered Software that Allows ANYONE to Create, Edit And Customize All Kinds Of Magazines, Reports, Catalogues, Ebooks etc From Scratch, Or From Any existing Word Document, PDF or notepad.

The promised full reseller licence became a "pimped" affiliate commission option. Member buyers will get compensation from the Club's special bonus-program when purchasing through the link below.

DocStudeioFX thumbnail
Access: Affiliate-purchase under "reseller" license
Instant Commission Site logo

Instant Commission Site - Launch A Complete Automated and Done For You ClickBank Affiliate Site in 60 seconds. Without Actually Creating One - Just Take Over Ankur's Site That is FULLY LOADED with Content, Product Reviews, Graphics & Videos for over 50 Clickbank Products.Like 1-Click Affiliate Site but for Clickbank.

Value $27 + $47 = 74$

Instant Commission Site thumb
Access: Your own product page under Agency license
InstaViral Logo

InstaViral - Brett Rutecky's latest software InstaViral cannot be included in the Club's member assets, but you can have something even better. As a Club member, you will get approved for 100% affiliate commission in JVZoo. Non members can buy the same affiliate approval for only 37$ one-time. Available now


InstaViral thumb
Access: 100% affiliate commission in JVZoo

VidScribe - A Windows desktop app that Transcribes, Translates & Redubs Your Videos. VidScribe AI helps you promote your product in several languages, increasing the number of potential customers who can find it. Is it better than the cloud-apps Recastly and ScriptReel already available for member? Become a members and find out! Value: $27 (FE) + $67 (OTO1) + $47 (OTO3) + $67 (OTO4) = $208

VidScribe thumb
Access: PRO-user under Agency licence
Viral Reach logo

ViralReach - the most powerful Facebook content marketing SAAS that confirms 100% to Facebook’s current positioning, expectations and plans. It’s 100% white-hat, 100% Facebook approved which means no bans, no trouble and absolutely smooth sailing + growth.

Right now OTO3 to VIDSCRIBE. Value = 47$



Viral Reach thumb
Access: Commercial user accounts under Agency license

Traffic Jeet 4 PRO - Spot market trends and traffic opportunities. Find the best keywords and niches. Rank on your competition's Sidebar. The Value Of 6 Amazing Software In One Pack: 1. Traffic Jeet Core | 2. Tube Tracker | 3. Youtube Ads Keyword Finder | 4. YT Best Keyword Targeter | 5. YT Niche Finder | 6. YT Video Tag Finder

Right now OTO4 to VIDSCRIBE. Value = 67$

Traffic Jeet 4
Access: Commercial user accounts under Agency license
skilexa logo

Skilexa - use this cloud app to create Alexa Flash Briefings and Alexa Podcast Briefings with the ability to schedule them to Alexa in the future. It also includes the Commercial Rights to sell as a service to clients.

Value: 29$ (FE) + 49$ (OTO1) = 78$



Skilexa thumb
Access: Platinum accounts under Agency license
Hydravid PRO Syndicate Agency Logo

HYDRAVID PRO - The re-launched version of Hydravid brings more features and better stability to the proven platform. Club-members can submit their videos for syndication. Instructions will be issued at request.We are building a powerful syndication network for Members and Hydravid will be a part of that.

Founding members only

Hydravid syndication
Access: Client access under Agency license
LetMailbox_byLetX logo

LetMailbox - is the most sophisticated personalisation app for email enhancement that exists today. It works with most, if not all, commercial autoresponders. LetMailbox is the most essential part of MailEngageX launching today and Club members get commercial user access.

LetMailbox by LetX thumb
Access: Commercial user accounts under Agency license
Vidinflux logo

Vidinflux - another online video meme-maker. Easier than VidViral 2.0 >>>? Club members don't have to choose, you'll get them both.

Vidinflux thumb
Access: WP install under Developer license

VidViral 2.0 - Probably the easiest online Video Meme-maker. Agency access to PRO features and commercial FE-accounts under reseller license for members.


VidaViral 2.0 thumb
Access: FE accounts under Reseller license
PLR-Viral Videos

PLR Viral Videos - Offline Business Videos. Short viral videos suited for local business.Already available in the Club's Graphics vault. Personal and Commercial usage rights for members.

VALUE 27$ (FE) + 27$ (OTO1) = 54$

PLR Viral Video
Access: Download from Graphics Vault
WPNewsranker logo

WP News Ranker - is a WordPress plugin which pulls news and other content from hundreds of sources for manual or auto-posting, with or without spinning of text. You will get the PRO version with unlimited everything installed on your WP site under a Developer license.

Value 19$ (FE) + 47$ (PRO) = 66$

WP News Ranker thumb
Access: WP install under Developer license
vidmonial 2.0 logo

Vidmonial 2.0 - The best way to collect video testimonials and star ratings. Easy for your customers to leave, easy for you to get and use.

Our White-label allows you to create your own links and pages for your testimonials.

You get the ENTERPRISE level, a $129 value

This is an 11.30 product.

Vidmonial 2.0
Access: Enterprise accounts under Whitelabel license
FXFunnel Logo

FXFunnel -a new breakthrough Funnel + Membership Page Builder that helps you remove the guesswork from your funnel building process by auto simulating & predicting how much profit a funnel can make before you create a funnel or spend a dime sending traffic to it. Plus with our inbuilt Unique URL membership page protection technology,

FXFunnel thumbnail
Access: Commercial accounts under White-label
EverZippy logo

EverZippy -Automate webinars as if it's LIVE. Share files directly on the webinar. Conduct Q&A session. Password protection webinar. Automated webinar with Live chat. Customize Branding. Monetize replay pages with PayPal. Zapier Integration. See LIVE location of all attendies. Polls and surveys. Custom Domain Integration.

Access: Commercial accounts under Reseller license

DFYSuite - A New, High-Quality Done-For-You, Social-Syndication System.Founding Club members can submit 10 URL per month for syndication to 300 sites with automatic indexing.


DFYSuite Thumb
Access:URL submissions under Agency license
The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR - Club members already have this monthly newsletter for personal use and inspiration and now Nick & Kate James have opened the rare possibility to subscribe directly to the PLR-rights.

Non-members who subscribe with the link below will get the 11.30 membership in IM Buyers Club as a bonus.

Access: Affiliate purchase
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ADVERTSUITE - Remove The Guesswork Of FB Ads. Advertsuite shows you exactly what ads are working NOW (and what are NOT). 20 15 front end accounts under a reseller license to be requested on a first come, first served basis.


AdvertSuite thumb
Access: FE account under reseller license
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InVideo - O Yes! Another video creator added to the Club. Is this the best one so far? Well, the creators of InVideo certainly think so. And, as a member of IM Buyers Club, you can judge for yourself.You'll get a Business account. And this is an 11.30 asset, at least for now.

This is an 11.30 product.

Access: Enterprise team-editor accounts

EyeSlick - A new and revolutionary social e-com sales-platform build for video. Sell your own or others' products. Only your fantasy sets the limit of how to use it. Click on the VIEW SALES-PAGE below to find out more.


Access: One basic Channel per member
Lead Automatic

Lead Automatic Social Business-card - The easy way to contact and follow up with your clients. Useful for any business-owner. Appointment scheduler and in-app text messaging can be added.



Lead -Automatic
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LeadFlow360 - The latest SaaS-app in the x360 series helps you find business with needs on demand. LeadFlow 360 scans FB pages (totally within FB rules) after any kw in any language for possible improvements and ad-assistance. Built-in email function and Agency module.

FE + OTO1 + OTO2 = 111$ value

Access: FE+OTO1-2 accounts under Reseller license