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If you came here from the Invitation Page, you might want to know how it is possible for us (or, rather, me, since I am fully responsible for this site as of now) to offer as many different assets as you can see on the Invitation page.

Let me explain how in the video below. You can also see the transcript below the video.

Hopefully, this will help to convince you about the validity of what I have to offer and make you want to become a member in IM Buyers Club.

Remember, you can always contact me via any of the many methods listed on support.imbuyersclub.com.

Looking forward to greet you as a member of IM Buyers Club!

IM Buyers Club - Karl G

And here is the video …

… and the transcript (with some interesting links!).

NOTE, in the video I am mentioning that there will be only 25 Founding members, but having over-estimated the workload, after having reached those 25, I see that there is no problem to add up to 50 Founding Members. And there are still a few seats left.

Hi there, I’m Karl G, the founder, and creator of I M Buyers Club.

Originally from Sweden, I now share my time between Sweden, Russia and also Thailand, where I try to spend as much time as possible while the winter is raging in the two other countries.

I am retired from two careers, one as an officer in the Swedish Navy and the second as a telecommunication executive, pioneering mobile telephony in Sweden and in Russia.

Now, I am running an import and distribution business in the health and beauty niche, and that’s how I, some ten years ago, got interested in Online Marketing.

While trying out many different tools for the online presence and SEO for my own business, I got bitten by the “Shiny Object” bug and just had to try out all the latest digital tools being pushed by product creators and their affiliates whose lists I happened to be on.

After a while, the idea of gathering like-minded people with an interest of discovering and trying out new Internet Marketing Tools occurred to me, and I started to buy licenses that would allow me to share the tools with others.

Such licenses can be White Label, Reseller, Developer, PLR, Give Away, etc., etc. I’m sure you know what I mean having seen them as the final, and most expensive upsells to many products you have bought online.

About a year ago, I started the creation of imbuyersclub.com and began to enter there all the software, courses, and other products which I collected and still continue to collect.

Here I must give some thanks and credits to some people who helped me realize the project of an online marketing tool-sharing club.

The most known for all Internet marketers are probably PromoteLabs’ Simon (Hodgkinson) & Jeremy (Gislason), who, with their recent launch of BusinesspassVIP, gave me the final clues to both the viability of tool-bundling and tool-sharing, as well as to the design of the offer-page itself.

Having also adopted their marketing advice of giving away value for free, you can access the Silver level of PromoteLabs’ extremely useful training courses, without even having to become a member of IM Buyers Club.

I am also using their ProductDyno to deliver some of the assets inside the Club.

Another pioneer of co-use of online marketing tools is “the Unselfish Marketer,” JayKay Bak, whose trove of PLR products greatly adds to the number of his assets.

ADDITION: I forgot to mention Anthony Earp's “Tigers Den” in the video. Anthony is another source of inspiration for my IM Buyers Club. Check it out and you might prefer his addition of personalized coaching in addition to a trove of software and other online marketing tools.

Now, you might think “what an idiot Karl G is to promote his competitors’ products in the introduction to his own membership club.”

But, in fact, if you compare, which I hope you will do, you will find that my approach differs quite a lot from the others’.

First, I have several assets which you can’t find in any others’ bundles. Second, even if BusinessPassVIP, offers a one-time payment, many of the products inside have limitations in their availability, obviously made with the purpose of that you will sign up for prolongations and for PromoteLabs to earn affiliate commissions.

Another essential difference is that IM Buyers Club is made for a small number of members. This is partly due to the manual setup needed to give members access to most of the products, but also due to the exclusivity with a limited number of accounts for some assets.

That brings me to the main point of this introduction to IM Buyers Club. There will be only 25 50 initial Founding Members with special privileges, like locked in, grandfathered, monthly fee, special access on “first-come, first-served,” basis to some exclusive assets and the invitation to promote the club membership as an affiliate. Most of the 25 50 seats are already taken at the time of this recording, but if the option is still there, you are on time. If not, there is still an enormous value for any membership level.

With that, I invite you to study the assets of the club by scrolling down the page below and click through to other asset pages, see the value and decide to join. Hope to see you inside IM Buyers Club!