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Builderall in IM Buyers Club – What’s the Deal?

Builderall is one of the many tools available to members of IM Buyers Club.

Most of you probably heard a lot about Builderall and this post will explain what’s in it for members of IM Buyers Club. (And, also, for non-members).

Builderall started out about four years ago as an all-in-one-tool for marketing online.

The Builderall platform grows fast with the number of tools available, different plans, and the number of users increasing almost exponentially.

With Builderall 3.0, which was launched earlier this year (2019) they have, however, reduced the number of plans to only two, ESSENTIAL (29.90 USD/month) and PREMIUM (69.90 USD/month).

Builderall is heavily promoted by a tribe-like network of Certified Partners paying good money for the training and possibility to help businesses to get started and run their online marketing on the Builderall platform.

Lately (November 2019) Builderall announced a major update to their 2-tier affiliate program, which will make the very lively, almost MLM-like, community of affiliates even more active.

Even IM-veterans like John Thornhill and Omar Martin are promoting Builderall. At least indirectly.

What I want to say with all this is that Builderall is a platform you can trust to be around for a long time, and which has as a goal to provide all the tools needed for the online marketing of any business online.

The version of Builderall which we offer to members (and non-members) in IM Buyers Club, comes from a White Label license plan, which Builderall offered for a short period in 2017.

It contains 15 of the, now 35, tools in Builderall 3.0 PREMIUM ($69.90/m), which is still more than the three tools included in Builderall 3.0 ESSENTIAL ($29.90/m).

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Because of Builderall have to charge their users directly, it is not possible to include the platform in the membership fee of IM Buyers Club. (and it would, in any case, be too expensive due to the monthly fee for the White-label license).

I can, however, configure price-plans customised for your benefits as members of IM Buyers Club.

To make this as simple and easy to understand as possible, I have therefore created two plans for members of IM Buyers Club (also 11.30-members), one with a monthly fee of 9.90 USD and one with a yearly fee of 99 USD.

(I’m also making this available for non-members at $19.90/m or $199/y)

You can start your free trial of Builderall HERE

Both plans contain the following:

  • All the 15 Builderall tools available in the legacy White-label (now called “Franchise”) plan
  • 1000 leads in MailerBoss
  • 1 GB of storage
  • 5 Domains (the Builderall platform also function as a host)
  • Direct support from Builderall
  • Options to add additional tools from the rest of the 35 in Builderall 3.0.

In the video below, I compare the different plans and show how you can sign up for a trial and decide for yourself how you can use the Builderall platform.

Video: Builderall in IM Buyers Club

As an affiliate of IM Buyers Club, you can use this offer to recruit new members.

For example, even an 11.30 member pay less (11.30 + 9.90 = $21.20/m) for 15 tools than a direct subscriber with the Builderall ESSENTIAL plan (29.90/m) pays for three tools

Please share your questions and ideas about Builderall in IM Buyers Club in the comments below.

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