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IM Buyers Club Update 1 September 2019

A short update of the latest additions to the Club.

1. Instant Private Label Videos

A new issue of Instant Private Label Videos (with PLR for you) is uploaded to the members' area in ProductDyno. This time it explains the details of WordPress Gutenberg editor.

I have made a video demonstrating your PLR access and the training course itself in the Knowledge section.

2. IM Checklist #21 – Google Analytics

While you are in ProductDyno you can also see Kevin Fahey's latest IM Checklist #21, about Google Analytics

3. DFYSuite

DFY Suite is now available for your link submissions. Watch the tutorial and submit the following information together with your campaign request:

What to submit when requesting your link-posting campaign:
1. Link URL
2. Keywords
3. Content (auto-generated or submit article: Title, Description, Article)
4. The number of links (max 300 for each campaign)
5. Dripfeed (number of days)
6. Indexing (always on).

4. EyeSlick

The Club's channel is now activated on eyeSlick and as a Founding Member, you can get your own channel (pro-level for the first six months). Just ask for an invite.

IM Buyers Club on eyeSlick

IMBuyersClub channel on eyeSlick:

Again, a gentle reminder to give your testimonial on Vidmonial 2.0 ( is our White-label)

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