Socicake Update – Viral Content Curation Tool Added

Socicake, the 10- (now 11-)-in-1 FB marketing tool just had a tool for finding viral content and curate it for re-sharing added.

Socicake is included for members of IM Buyers Club with the Pro-version (needed for the new content tool) included. If you want to buy Socicake without becoming a member of IM Buyers Club, contact me for the best price.

The message form the Socicale CEO, Ifiok Nkem :

Its Ifiok Nk here, the CEO of Socicake.

The last 3 month has been a very busy one for us as we rolled out the white-label dashboard, fixed bugs, added new features and improved on the existing features.

GOODNEWS: We just released a new tool available for our socicake pro users. With this new tool, you can discover and share top performing content for any topic or industry.

Just enter your keyword and this tool will search our database of over 100 million articles (updated every 30 minutes). Based on your search history, the tool learns and gets better with time.🔥

You can search and filter for different types of sharable content, viz:

✅List Articles
✅How to Guides
✅Case Study
✅Guest Post

In the result, you get to see the total number of engagement for each article, the sentiment, number of words, etc.

Analyze and select the ones to save, share now or schedule for sharing across multiple FB pages and account and watch your traffic and engagement 10x.🙌

Discover… Analyze… Share!


For us, at SnapiLabs, the real work started post-launch… providing exceptional support, helping our users achieve their desired/promised results, and turning Socicake into a sustainable SaaS business.

Every feature promised on our sales pages during the launch was working perfectly having been beta tested for months before launch.

However, we wanted more… our users deserve more. We shared an early look at our roadmap and a glimpse into what to expect in 2019.

Here is how we currently stand on the roadmap:

Jan 2019

  • Pilot Launch – LTD (JVzoo) – ✅DONE
  • SaaS Launch – May 5th
  • Bug Fixes – ✅DONE
  • Weekly Training – ✅DONE

Feb 2019
– Whitelabel Rollout – ✅ DONE

  • Server Speed Optimization – ✅ DONE
  • New UI/UX with improvement – ✅ DONE
  • Optin Link Autoresponders Intg – ✅Done
    – Bug Fixes – ✅DONE
  • Weekly Training – ✅ DONE

March 2019
– Bot Readymade Templates – ✅DONE
– Trending Content Tool – ✅DONE
– Bug Fixes – ✅DONE

April 2019
– FB ADs & Spy Tool – Testing
– New Templates – Testing
– Bug Fixes – Ongoing

May 2019
– CTA Growth Tool – Work In Progress
– New Templates
– Bug Fixes

I’d love to know what you think and or if you have any concern. Our regular updates and support shows that we’re listening and take your feedback very seriously.

This platform belongs to us all as one happy Socicake family and together we can make it greater than ever before.


Ifiok Nkem
Socicake CEO

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