SyndLab 2.0

SyndLab automatically syndicates your content to over 30+ high-quality social syndication sites.

Joshua Zamora and his team have just released SyndLabversion 2.0 on JVZoo.

You can see the sales-page here:

Members of IM Buyers Club will get access to a full version of SyndLab version 2.0 fully loaded with social accounts in the marketing and advertising niche.

The access will be through Virtual assistant links (unlimited links).

In addition to the pre-loaded accounts, members can add their own accounts for the benefit of everyone in the club.

Watch the demo and case-study video below and see how you can benefit from SyndLab 2.0 included in your IM Buyers Club membership.

Only the “naked” access to SyndLab 2.0 would cost you $37/month. With the IM Buyers Club membership, you will get access to SyndLab 2.0 FULLY LOADED with accounts ready to receive your postings immediately. PLUS that the network of accounts will grow and grow the more members are adding their accounts to it.

Put in your name and best email in the form and sign up for more information.


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