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TappIT – AI Cloud Software Creates Viral Sites

​What is Tappit and how ​to get access?

​After reading this review of Tappit, you will know how you can use this cloud software for the creation of viral affiliate sites and how you will get access to it as a member of IM Buyers Club.
You should know that it takes some time and effort to set up the social accounts which are the key to any kind of viral effects from the software. You have to create apps on all accounts manually and enter their API-keys into Tappit. But the good think is that you only have to do this once for each account.


​Brief Description  of Tappit

​Watch the short video below for a brief description of Tappit.

​Who made Tappit?

​Tappit is developed by Dr. Amit Pareek and Er. Ashu Kumar from India. The couple is behind a whole bunch of similar cloud-based software, each with it's own special use. For example:
ShopMOZO; VidMOZO; MailZINGO; VideoWHIZZ, ProfitFOX and QuickAffiliatePRO.


​More Details about Tappit

Tappit is an online content curation software, which ...

  1. Collects videos and article from Internet based on the keyword(s) you enter
  2. Let you select the content you want to keep and delete everything else (i.e. curation).
  3. Builds a site from the collected content.
  4. Publishes the site on the tappit.co domain on a subdomain of your choice (yoursubdomain.tappit.co)
  5. Syndicates snippets to YOUR connected social media accounts
  6. Lets you monetize in whatever way you like (Adsense, affiliate offer, lead collection, etc.)
  7. You can build as many sites as you want and automate the content collection, publishing and syndication.

Tappit Full Demo

​Your access to Tappit as IMBC member

​Your access to Tappit as a member of IM Buyers Club, is provided through our Agency License.

​The sales-page for the Agency license to Tappit below, explain how it works.

As always, after having become a member of IM Buyers Club, you request your access through ​a ticket in our support desk. (If it's your first visit there, you must ​register. It's a separate registration from your membership, but you ​must use the same email as for the main membership).

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