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VidRepurposer – Video Content Curation Multiplier

​What is ​VidRepurposer and how ​to get access?

​After reading this ​post about VidRepurposer, you will know how you can use this cloud software for the ​video curation creation ​ and how you will get access to it as a member of IM Buyers Club.
​This is a one-of-its-kind software. There is actually nothing to compare it with (except a LOT OF manual work).


​Brief Description  of ​VidRepurposer

​Watch the short video below for a brief description of ​VidRepurposer.

​Who made ​VidRepurposer?


VidRepurposer is promoted and developed by Ben Murray; Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav. ​The same trio is also behind ​other successful software, like, for example, Reddule (also an upsell to VidRepurposer).

​More Details about ​VidRepurposer

​VidRepurposer is an online video and other content curation software, which helps you ...

  • Quickly Turn Any YouTube Video Into a 100% Unique Video
  • Turn Any Blog Post or Text Into a Fully Unique Video
  • Repurpose Videos into Audios, Blog Posts, Lead Magnets, and More
  • Commercial License Included
  • Rich Customization of Each Video
  • ​Get access to VidRepurposer Video and Image Stock Library
  • ​more than 7 DFY Templates to Choose From

​VidRepurposer Full Demo

​Your member access includes the upgrade to Vidrepurposer ​DIAMOND (see video below) ...

​Your access to ​VidRepurposer as an IMBC member

​Your member access to ​Vidrepurposer, is provided ​by ​an Agency License.

​​I have made a video in which I describe in detail how it works. It's the same procedure as the access to all other software in the club.

​After having become a member of IM Buyers Club, you request your access through ​a ticket in our support desk. (If it's your first visit there, you must ​register. It's a separate registration from your membership, but you ​must use the same email as for the main membership).

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